About us

We’re passionate about pearls!

This passion began in 1966 in the famed “Pearl City” of Kobe, Japan. Through the vision and leadership of Champaklal M. Shah, Continental Pearl was born with the initial goal of being a major supplier of Akoya and Freshwater pearls to India and the local market. His legacy was passed on to his son, Yogesh C. Shah. Meticulous and innovative sourcing of other pearl varieties such as Tahitians and South Sea pearls led to the company’s modest expansion in the global market.

Presently carrying the company torch forward, 3rd generation successors, Ankeet and Suraj, advocate a genuine appreciation for these organic gems by providing customers with a wider selection of all pearl types in various shapes, colors, sizes and qualities. This tandem of brothers is endeavoring to showcase Continental Pearl as a reliable and formidable supplier of pearls to the international community. Sourcing of Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian pearls is now taking a more direct route, straight from the pearl farms, so that better pricing can be offered to our customers.

Continental Pearl is also very visible in international gem and jewelry shows. We exhibit annually in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Japan, Canada, and in the US (Tucson, Las Vegas and New York) Shows. We have forged many wonderful business and personal relationships through these shows. We invite you to check out our Trade Show Schedule and visit our booths if you happen to be in any of these areas at the time they are happening.

We also have our eCommerce platforms up and running. You can connect with us via our Instagram and Facebook accounts, and also through our Etsy and eBay stores. Just reference @continentalpearl for all these sites.

We now have five decades of experience in our history. We have thrived this long because of the trust our customers place on us and the integrity by which we conduct our business. This feat has certainly made Continental Pearl a key go-to supplier in the pearl market.

We are committed to fostering valuable and lasting relationships with all our connections, starting from within our organization, then outwards to our traders and suppliers, to pearl farmers and independent growers, and to you, our fellow pearl lovers.

Through Continental Pearl, we invite you to happily surrender to the beauty and enchantment of pearls. We are, after all, all about pearls.